Almond Shea Soy Candle (Almond Biscotti Scent)

Almond Shea Soy Candle (Almond Biscotti Scent)

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 This almond biscotti candle is infused with Essee Farms high quality almond biscotti fragrance. This candle will have you dreaming of dessert. It's one of our most popular scents for candles, soaps, and lotions.

Soy goat milk candles burn at a lower temperature, therefore it allows the candle to not only last longer, but it enables the scent to travel further giving our candles a leg up in the scent department.

It's also better for the environment than traditional candles, because soy is a renewable resource. Most soy is made in the US, so it's also helping out our own economy when you buy our soy goat milk candles.